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            Watson Assistant - Carousel

            With Blahbox, it's possible to send a carousel to the virtual assistant's user using IBM's Watson Assistant.

            To make Blahbox display a carousel, the JSON code below must be pasted in the "context" of the appropriate dialog node, in Watson Assistant.

            1.       "bbox_carousel": {
                      "items": [
                          "title""item title 1",
                          "textToSend""I want item 1",
                          "description""item description 1"
                          "title""item title 2",
                          "textToSend""I want item 2",
                          "description""item descritcion 2"
                          "title""item title 3",
                          "textToSend""I want item 3",
                          "description""item description 3"

            JSON Description



            Every item represents an image of the carousel. You can place as many items as you wish, although it's not recommended to place more than five.


            Title of the image


            URL of the image that you wish to display


            When the user clicks on the text, the text in that element is automatically sent to the assistant.


            Description of the image


            Whole number that shows the order of the element when there is more than one element

            It's very important that the JSON code be inside the "context" element of the dialog node.

            Blahbox interprets every element of the JSON and shows it to the user as is shown below:

            Updated: 07 Nov 2019 10:52 PM
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