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            Integrate Amazon Lex

            This article will help you set up Amazon Lex in Blahbox.

            To access the Amazon Lex trained bot, you must first of all obtain certain information from the AWS platform

            Data required:

            User Credentials

            Bot name, Alias and Version


            Link Amazon Lex with Blahbox

            In order to link your Amazon Lex trained bot you must enter the following into the NLP section of the Blahbox console.

            1- Login to Blahbox

            2- Access the chat you want to link to Amazon Lex

            3- Then click on the "NLP" option on the side menu

            4- Select "Amazon Lex" from the options on the right-hand side of the screen

            On this screen, follow the instructions below to retrieve the data from AWS

            Obtaining User Credentials?

            To obtain the user credentials you must create a new user in AWS

            1. Create Group

            1.1- Sign-in to the AWS management console

            1.2- Select IAM service (within the "security, identity & compliance" group)

            1.3- Click on "Groups" from the side menu

            1.4- Click "Create a Group"

            1.5- Name the group (eg. LexBlahbox) and then click "Next step"

            1.6- Search for the "AmazonLexRunBotsOnly" policy

            1.7- Tick the policy as shown in the above image and click the "Next Step" button

            1.8- Click on "Create Group"

            2. Create User

            2.1- Choose "Users" option from the side menu

            2.2- Click on "Add user" button

            2.3- Name the user (eg .: Blahbox)

            2.4- Tick the "Programmatic access" option

            2.5- Click "Next: Permissions"

            2.6- Tick the group created in step 1 from these instructions

            2.7- Click "Next: Tags"

            2.8- Click "Next: Review"

            2.9- Click "Create user"

            2.10- You can download the login information by clicking on "Download .csv"

            2.11- Save the following details: "Access Key ID" and "Secret Access Key"

            2.12- Once saved, click the "Close" button

            2.13- Copy and paste the details from AWS "Access key ID" into the "Access key ID" field on the Blahbox screen

            2.14- Copy and paste the details from AWS "Secret access key" into the "Secret access Key" field on the Blahbox screen

            How to obtain the Bot name, Alias and Version

            1.1- Sign-in to the AWS management console

            1.2- Access the Amazon Lex service (within the group "Machine Learning")

            1.3- Got to the bot you want to link to Blahbox

            1.4- Click on the "Settings" tab

            1.5- The name of the bot can be found in the top left-hand corner

            1.6- By clicking on the "Aliases" option you can find the bot aliases

            1.7- From this screen you can get the Alias and the bot Version you want to link to Blahbox

            1.8- You must paste the information into the Blahbox NLP screen

            1.9- Finally, you need to find out the AWS Region in which the Bot was created

            1.10- The AWS Region can be found at the top right-hand corner of the AWS console

            1.11- You must select the same region in the NLP Blahbox screen

            1.12- Click "Continue". You now have your chatbox linked to your Amazon Lex Bot

            Updated: 02 Jul 2019 11:37 PM
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