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            Dialogflow – Rich Messaging

            Dialogflow makes it possible to send the user many types of answers. Blahbox supports answers from the "Default" tab and from "Google Assistant".

            In order to choose the type of answer you want to show in Blahbox's chatbox, you must follow the instructions below:

            1. Log into Blahbox.

            2. Choose the chat you want to set up.

            3. Choose "NLP" from the side menú on the left side of the screen.

            4. Choose the Dialogflow tab in the "Platform" field. The options are "DEFAULT" or "GOOGLE ASSISTANT". (To show Dialogflow's rich messages, you have to choose "GOOGLE ASSISTANT"). 

            5. Click continue and it's ready!

            The types of responses Blahbox supports are mentioned below:

            1. Simple Response
            2. Basic Card
            3. List
            4. Suggestion Chips
            5. Carousel Card
            6. Link Out Suggestion

            Updated: 15 Oct 2019 04:43 AM
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