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            Blahbox information in Google Analytics

            Once you connect to Google Analytics in Blahbox, you will start receiving information that you can analyze very easily.

            If you still haven not configured Analytics in Blahbox you can do it with this instruction manual.

            Blahbox sends Google Analytics two types of information:

            Chat in pages

            You will be able to visualize in Analytics each time a user enters a page of your site and the chat appears.

            In your Analytics you can see the information as a page view in two possible ways:

                  - with a "/"
                  - with the name /Blahbox_tu chat/chatboxload

            Events for each message

            Blahbox will also be sending events for every time a user writes something in the chat and it responds.

            Every interaction with the chatbot  is considered a "message", for example: Question and answer

            To learn more about realtype events in Google Analytics you can enter this URL:

            For each event Blahbox sends the following information to Google Analytics:


            Category: Message (Name of Chat)

            Action: Intention

            In category there is the name of the chat so you can easily identify it as you could add more than one chat to the same analytics. The word "Preview" is also added if the chat is running on the configuration screen.

            In Action the intentions that have been configured in the chatbot will arrive, with which it will be possible to follow and analyze the flow of conversations through the detected intentions.

            Event information can be found under "Behavior" - "Events" in Google Analytics.

            Example of event information received in Google Analytics:

             Real Time

            Events can also be viewed in realtime from Google Analytics' "Real Time" functionality.

            You can access Real Time from Analytics: "Real time" - "Events".

            Updated: 05 Aug 2019 01:32 AM
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